Being Set Free

As I’m getting older, I’m realizing that everyone has a worldview whether they admit it or not. Everyone has a set of things they believe, and they think, speak, and act based on those beliefs. Whether it’s a textbook or a teacher, a pastor or a doctor, a mom or even a child, everyone has... Continue Reading →

Burnt-Out Blues

In my last post, I talked about serving, and I touched on the topic of being burnt out. What is this syndrome that many Christians seem to have? It’s when you help with every service, Bible study, club, group, and church event and become so tired of helping all the time that you stop helping... Continue Reading →

Weary and Wondering

Why am I the only one doing this? Why are those kids playing games while I’m working? Doesn’t anyone realize what I’m doing? Has everyone suddenly become unable to move? These are the thoughts that commonly cross my mind as I serve in the church. And I hope I’m not the only one. To be... Continue Reading →

Glimmering Snow

I apologize that it's been a week since I've posted. I am awful. (And also unsure if I'm being sarcastic.) This post will be short but sweet... It might not have snowed yet this winter wherever you are, but you've probably seen snow before. So far this winter, we've gotten 5 minutes of flurries, which... Continue Reading →

Getting Outside of Ourselves

I prayed a very simple prayer yesterday morning: “God, help me be friendly to someone who’s lonely.” I know God gives us opportunities to test our faith and to give Him glory…and usually, we mess those situations up horribly. As I thought about it, I realized God wasn’t necessarily going to send me someone who... Continue Reading →

Just Doing It

Ugh. The trash is full. Again. Wasn’t it just emptied five hours ago? How does that stupid trash can get so full again and again? Is it because I haven’t learned the proper art of stuffing trash into a full can? I let the trash get so full that it topples over onto the floor and makes... Continue Reading →

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