Living Once and Forever

The attention you get from people on this earth is temporary. Trust me. People's interests (including their interest in you) come and go. They're into something one minute and disinterested the next.

This One’s for the Girls Who Cried on Valentine’s Day

Girls are trying too hard to make their dreams a reality. We try to force what isn’t meant to be. I know that lots of girls have boyfriends in high school. And those girls may look happy and appear satisfied, but you don’t see the tearful, heart-wrenching breakups that wouldn’t have occurred if those girls had been patient.

Victory in Jesus

Jesus gave us victory. We get to experience the blessings of His resurrection and His conquering of sin. If He hadn’t conquered sin, we wouldn’t be able to do so today. But because He has the victory over sin and death, death doesn’t have the same sting.

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