Living Once and Forever

“Live with no regrets.” “You only live once.” “Live life to the fullest.” We are bombarded with these “eat, drink, and be merry because tomorrow we die” messages each and every day. Songs, TV shows, and advertisements include live-life-like-crazy messages. I like happy, care-free messages. But the YOLO, “life is good” messages can get really... Continue Reading →

This One’s for the Girls Who Cried on Valentine’s Day

I realize that Valentine’s Day has come and gone. The leftover candy is now on clearance, and the cheesy valentines are lying in the garbage. Sadly, for many girls, Valentine’s Day was actually depressing because a boyfriend hadn’t shown up yet. I couldn’t feel less sympathy. There are millions of single teenagers across the world.... Continue Reading →

Victory in Jesus

I am not as athletic as I would like to be. I cannot throw a ball to save my life. If I throw it with all my might, I can’t even make it fly halfway across our church gym (though everyone else seems to have that superhuman strength…which I guess isn’t as superhuman as I’d... Continue Reading →

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