Bouncy Curls and Meaningful Hymns

My youth pastor said that worship is more than just singing the words. We need to be thinking about the words. When I sit down every week after we’ve sung a few praise songs in church, my though process is similar to this: Seriously? Did I really just zone out for all of those songs?... Continue Reading →

Bragging on Easter

I don’t know about you, but I like to brag about myself. I find happiness in letting others know what I’ve accomplished. I want them to know just how wonderful I am. But I’m not wonderful. I am weak and unnecessary and depraved. I just like appearing to be wonderful, cool, accomplished, smart, talented, strong,... Continue Reading →

Letting Go of My To-Do List Life

You may have caught on that I have an organized-in-theory kind of life. And one of the organized-in-theory parts of my life is my to-do list. I may have To-Do List Syndrome or Disorder or Disease. I make to-do lists too often, and I don’t do the things on my to-do lists enough. I’m simply not as... Continue Reading →

In the Meantime…Filling up Your Calendar

Recently I posted about how we need to let go of our calendar lives and wait on God’s timing to know what the future holds. However, there are some things you can do while you’re waiting for God to show you what’s next. Here’s a simple list of things a young adult can do to... Continue Reading →

Letting Go of My Calendar Life

How dependent are you on a calendar? Maybe a paper calendar or the easily accessible phone calendar? I am too dependent on the calendar. There are three things in this life that I adore: calendars, lists, and sour gummy worms. But I’m going to focus on the first thing for now. (I may have to... Continue Reading →

How to Clean a Messy Room

My room looks amazing. The floors are clear, my desk is organized, and my closet is arranged in (almost) perfect order. It could not look more beautiful. Three hours later… I need to clean my room. Three more hours later… Why isn’t it still clean? Three more hours later… This is hopeless. I couldn’t pass... Continue Reading →

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