Chugging…and Losing My Steam

At the end of a journey, you’re weary. At the end of a party, you’re weary. (Or is that just me?) At the end of the school year, you’re weary. Not that I’m complaining… But I so want school to be over, and it’s not yet! I can see the end of this lengthy tunnel,... Continue Reading →

Making Mountains, Part 2

You know what I’m talking about. When we fail, we can either listen to Satan, or we can listen to God. Satan whispers, “You’ll never get this right. Why bother?” God says, “You’ll do better next time, My child. Don’t give up. I am with you.” Who would you rather listen to? After much experience... Continue Reading →

Making Mountains, Part 1

We tend to freak out when something goes wrong. Our hopes turn to doubts, our dreams to worries, and our thoughts to fears. Why do we go into panic mode when the slightest problem occurs? A couple days ago, I was 35 minutes late to class. That was a huge deal for this prompt-in-theory kind... Continue Reading →

Twelve Percent

The ad said: "Now with 12% more cereal than our previous 16.25 ounce cereal.” Wow, I immediately thought. I'm definitely going to buy this cereal because I see that it has 12% more cereal now! (Note the sarcasm, folks.) It’s hard not to laugh out loud at this, isn’t it? The box of cereal literally stated... Continue Reading →

Tizzie’s Take: “Miracles from Heaven”

Tizzies Take: This movie was terrific! There are so many good things to say about it. (However, I was close to tears; and I never cry in movies…though Frozen was a close call). The actors and actresses were great, the story was incredible, and the message was full of hope. I specifically want to mention its message that we... Continue Reading →

Tizzie’s Takes

A lot of movies (specifically Christian movies) are entering the theaters, and I want to share an occasional movie review with you. Hopefully, these will let you know if a movie is worth seeing or not. (Although, you shouldn't always take my word for it; I'm a tough critic.) By the way, I do tend... Continue Reading →

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