Preventing the Burn

We put ourselves out in the sun and don’t use sunscreen. We lie down on the pavement on a hot summer day and hope we won’t get burned. In other words, we put ourselves in compromising situations and expect that we won’t fail.

Setting Your Mind on the Savior

Sure, we can accomplish tasks without God. People around the world build skyscrapers, find cures for diseases, and win battles against foes. They've done things that seemed impossible. After all, every sports movie has an underdog story. But only God gave them the strength to do those things.

How to Get Through a Really Bad Day

Don’t get so depressed about a bad day that you can’t smile tomorrow. It’s easy just to see a big, black cloud hanging over your life after you’ve had a rough day. But God says He’s not finished yet. You never know what tomorrow will be like. Give God a chance to work and move in your life.

Free Freedom

Thank Jesus for His sacrifice for you. He fought for you. He still fights for you (Joshua 23:10). Even though we didn't earn the victory, Christ gives us the victory over sin and death.

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