Sweet or Sour

Forbidden words and phrases have snuck into our everyday vocabulary. It is a rare thing to hear God’s name magnified instead of misused. Insults, complaints, and juicy gossip have replaced conversations about the weather and sales on shoes. Your chance of making a difference might look slim when you hear so much sour. But maybe you can be a little spark in the darkness.

Living Most Abundantly

There are commands in the Bible. Trying to wish them away won’t make them disappear. But don’t let the commands scare you or discourage you. You’ll never ever ever be able to follow them all, but you can be the Christian who tries to live in obedience to them.

Like the Eagles

You aren’t getting weaker as you wait. Your faith is getting stronger because you’re depending more on Jesus and less on yourself. When you wait on God, you’re waiting on the most dependable One you possibly could. He’s a lot more dependable than we are. Just think of all the promises you’ve broken and all the promises He has kept.

Short and Sweet…

I know I haven’t written a post for over a week. I’ve been experiencing something very painful called writer’s block. I haven’t been in my writer’s groove for a while. What do I write about?

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