Thanking Our Maker

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful.” How terribly wrong. For example, when you eat half a big bag of white cheddar popcorn in one sitting (not that I’ve ever done such a thing), you never want white cheddar popcorn again. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience with raspberries,... Continue Reading →

Getting Beyond “Rejection”

Last week, I talked about letting go of your own stubbornness. This week, I’m talking about helping someone else let go of his/her stubbornness. Sometimes, people do not want to let go. You know the drill. You know how it feels to cling to something. It’s hard to say goodbye to a dearly loved object/habit/lifestyle because... Continue Reading →

Getting Beyond Our Uppity

Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy (Proverbs 27:6). Sometimes, we feel a little too pleased with ourselves. We can get very…uppity. We think we know it all. Well, we don’t. There’s one thing you should know about feeling uppity. It never ends well. You aren’t the star of the... Continue Reading →

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