Little Rebellions

Remember that God wants the best thing for you. Even though it feels good to indulge and have a little “sin party” sometimes, it will just make you want to keep sinning. It’s harder to stop once you’ve started. Keep that in mind when you’re tempted to give into a little rebellion.

Movie Review: Priceless

Priceless was a dramatic and entertaining rescue-turned-romance. The skillful acting, interesting story-line, and believable characters definitely made this worth seeing. Though tear-jerking at times, this film portrayed a story about two girls who were sold into sex trafficking, a topic which is never discussed (but should be!). The Smallbone brothers, of the Christian band For King and Country, tackled it well.

The Fight Worth Winning

There’s only one race worth running here on earth. There’s only one battle worth fighting and one crown worth winning. It’s so much better to have God place a real crown of gold on your head than to have the world crown you with a hundred made of fool’s gold.

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