Pies and Promises

When I hear about Thanksgiving, I immediately think of pie—my favorite Thanksgiving dish. Apple or pumpkin. Warm. Crusty. Sweet. Pumpkin with whipped cream and apple with ice cream. Yes please…. You probably think you know what this post is about. You probably think I’m going to say something cliché, like, “But there’s more to Thanksgiving... Continue Reading →

Simple Surrender

I know I’ve ranted in the past about the way Christians make simple biblical commands very vague, complicated, and impractical. (Or have I just played that rant over and over in my mind?) This really gets on my nerves (as you can tell). Unfortunately, though, many devotionals, Bible studies, and sermons consist of unclear principles... Continue Reading →

10 Super Practical Things You Can Do This Week to Show Christ’s Love

  Smile 🙂 Thank someone (a cashier, waitress, sibling, friend, co-worker, etc.) Perform a random act of kindness (wash the dishes for your mom, buy a piece of candy for your little brother, bake cookies for your neighbor, etc.) Write an encouraging letter or email to a missionary Pray for someone in need Praise or... Continue Reading →

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