Cookie Dough Damage

I simply ignore all logical reasoning when a bowl of cookie dough is before me. Unfortunately, many Christians are the same way. Most of us rarely resist temptation. We give up, give in, suffer the consequences, and do it all over again.

Different and the Same?

Regardless of our personality types, we have common struggles—and a common Savior. Maybe an extrovert wrestles with sharing gossip, but an introvert wrestles with stopping it. Maybe an extrovert has trouble keeping secrets, but an introvert has trouble opening up with honesty. Maybe an extrovert has trouble listening to her friends, but an introvert has trouble being friendly.

Tattoos and Tongue Piercings

How should we respond to the people who are different than us? After all, aren’t we supposed to treat everyone equally? Aren’t we not supposed to judge people? In a word, yes.

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