Five Ways to Have the Best VBS Ever

It’s officially summer, which means vacation Bible school for many churches (which usually means a lot of moaning, groaning, and whining from all the leaders involved).

But VBS doesn’t have to be frustrating, cheesy, or challenging. By following these easy suggestions, you can make vacation Bible school go a lot smoother:

  1. If possible, help with an area that you enjoy. VBS will go much smoother if you feel comfortable in your group. If you’d rather play freeze tag than tell Bible stories, help with games. If you’d rather talk with kids than dance on stage, help lead a group. If you can, do what you enjoy.
  2. Try to engage with the kids. Look for the children who are eager to learn the Bible stories and are interested in memorizing the Bible verses. Find the kids who need support and encouragement. Search for the ones who keep to themselves or don’t have any friends. Try to include them, chat with them, and be there for them.
  3. Don’t force anyone to make a decision for Christ. Ultimately, the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of those who aren’t saved. You can’t force the kids at VBS to accept Christ as their Savior. They need to be the ones to decide that. Explain and encourage salvation, but don’t force it.
  4. Always wear a smile. Even if you’ve had a long day at work or you’re missing an event with your friends to help, try to have a good attitude. A positive, exciting atmosphere is exactly what the kids at VBS need. They can definitely notice if you’re having a bad day, and that will likely hinder them from hanging around you.
  5. Remember that, ultimately, you are serving the Lord. VBS can be really hard—especially when there’s one obnoxious boy who won’t be quiet during the Bible lesson or when there is one girl who has to use the bathroom at every single station. Keep in mind that you aren’t serving at VBS to make every kid happy, to make perfect crafts, or to tell flawless stories. You are there to serve Christ and point children to Him.

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  1. I found these tips great reminders for all vbs volunteers. I myself was one this summer and my recent post is about my experience!


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