9 Ways the Single Girl Can Use Her Time Well

Hey there! Today, I have a post for my single girls out there (although I’d recommend some of these tips for everyone)! I hope you enjoy it and can use these tips in your own life. Hang in there as you wait for Mr. Right!

Ah, the single years.

This time of waiting can be tough, especially when friends and siblings are dating. But these years are not a waste of time. In fact, they are a gift. So how do we use this time well and treat it like a gift?

Here are nine ways that the single girl can spend her time effectively:

1. Develop your relationship with God. You will probably be busy for the rest of your life, so the time to grow your relationship with God is while you’re young and single! Make this a priority now so it isn’t as hard to maintain later. Study God’s Word, keep a prayer journal, listen to worship music,write down praises and prayer requests, and learn to listen to God’s voice

2. Serve others. When you become interested in a guy, it’s easy to become obsessed with your relationship. Use this time of your life to get in the habit of serving others. You could volunteer at a food pantry, help at a pregnancy care center, or even lead a Bible study for younger girls.
3. Cultivate godly character traits.When I think about getting married, I honestly don’t think I’m ready because there are countless character qualities that need improvement in my life. First, identify the areas where you struggle and then try to improve in those areas. Ask the Holy Spirit to work in you so you can become more Christ-like.
4. Spend time with family and friends. Boyfriends take up a lot of time, but you need to maintain your other relationships while you’re dating. Invest in your parents, siblings, and friends by spending time with them, serving them, and conversing with them. This is great practice for investing in your future husband someday.

To keep reading, please head over to Reflections of the Heart! And thank you to Melani for letting me guest post on her blog! 🙂

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