How We Can Overcome Our Hardest Struggles

I know you usually just see one post from me every Tuesday/Wednesday. But this week you’re in for a treat because you get to read 2 posts from me! Goody goody, right?

This post was featured on Pursue and is all about overcoming sin and temptation through Christ. Keep fighting and keep relying on Him! Here we go…

Think about the “worst” sins you’ve committed. Maybe it was a porn addiction, the betrayal of a family member or friend, deceiving someone to benefit from self-interests, or maintaining a damaging relationship.

Now think about how you tried to handle it. Were you obsessing about the issue and how big it was? Did you worry about how weak you were to overcome the sin? Did you keep falling into the sin and dealing with it in a way that hurt you and those around you?

When we fall into sinful habits, we usually respond in a number of negative ways:

We become irritated and impatient, demanding that God remove temptations.

We try to find ways to cope with it, stress-eating or overdosing on medication or isolating ourselves.

We constantly worry about the situation, wondering if God is there and if He will even help us.

The problem here is that we’re so quick to forget that God isn’t like us. He is so much greater and so much stronger than we are.

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Lord willing, you will see a Christmas post from me next week! 🙂

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