Five Life Lessons We Can All Learn from Frozen

When I first saw the commercial for Frozen over two years ago, I was immediately turned off by it. I thought it would be a cheesy movie about a wintry land that was home to an annoying snowman, but I was dead wrong. This movie has the most insightful elements of any Disney animated film... Continue Reading →

Hopeful but Here: How to Make the Most of Wearying Situations

The time has come. It’s finally here! With only a few weeks left until the end of the semester, I’m unable to contain my excitement. I’ve been awaiting the end for so long! I can’t stop thinking about summer plans and a homework-free life. (What even is that?)   But first, I have to survive—and... Continue Reading →

Fighting Sin with Surrender-A Guest Post

Bitter, angry words flew from my mouth toward my siblings, which shut them down and wounded their hearts. I sat selfishly at the computer and let my mom do all the supper preparations, even though I knew better. In bed that night, I looked back over my day and inwardly wept. My meanness and thoughtlessness surprised me.

Learning to Accept Our Bodies

This post was featured on Pursue in February, so I apologize for my lateness in posting it here! I truly hope you'll be able to find some encouragement from this post, especially if you or someone you know struggles with body image issues. You're not the only one! 🙂 I have a secret. In my... Continue Reading →

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