5 Life Lessons We Can All Learn from Frozen

It makes me want to laugh, cry, and love. It teaches about loyalty, sacrifice, perseverance, and maturation. In my many times of watching this popular movie, I’ve identified five major principles that Frozen teaches us about life.

Hopeful but Here: How to Make the Most of Wearying Situations

No matter how weary we are and no matter how difficult the circumstances we face, we must be steadfast in our faith. We must make the most of the here and now! So how can we become patient in the present and stay steadfast?

Fighting Sin with Surrender-A Guest Post

God patiently re-teaches me that to live and walk the way He meant, only comes through Jesus and His power. I need a perfect, mighty Savior to come alongside and give strength to change. This lesson comes with difficulty, but my failures teach me to trust God’s strength.

Learning to Accept Our Bodies

Beauty is about attitude, not size or shape. We don’t have to squeeze into a size zero to be beautiful. (In fact, most women can’t!) We don’t need to wear an extra small to be valuable. Real beauty is accepting our size and our shape.

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