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Hi, friends! I hope you’re having a fabulous day! 🙂

Today, I am hosting my very first blog giveaway to celebrate Tizzie’s Tidbits reaching 200 followers! First, I want to say thank you to all my current followers! Your loyalty to Tizzie’s Tidbits is appreciated. 🙂 Second, I want to ask my current followers to share their favorite Tidbits with others! This will help Tizzie’s Tidbits grow even more! Third, I want to include the rules for the giveaway so you can start following Tizzie’s Tidbits if you aren’t already!

The guidelines of the giveaway are as follows:

  1. The 201st-210th followers of Tizzie’s Tidbits will receive a special e-book called The Best of Tizzie’s Tidbits, which includes the top five most popular posts from Tizzie’s Tidbits. As I mentioned, this prize will only be awarded to the 201st-210th followers. You will receive this e-book within a week. (To receive The Best of Tizzie’s Tidbits, please follow Tizzie’s Tidbits using your email address. By using your email address, I can easily send you the prize if you win.)
  2. If you decide to follow Tizzie’s Tidbits but are not included in the 201st-210th followers, I still want to say thank you for your readership. 🙂 Even though you won’t receive a prize, I hope you will still enjoy being updated about future Tidbits!
  3. This giveaway will only be happening for two weeks! That means this giveaway will end on July 10, 2018.

Thank you again for reading Tizzie’s Tidbits! I hope you are encouraged and inspired to live more like Christ with every single post you read! If you have any questions about this giveaway, feel free to ask me in the comments section.

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