How to Handle Distractions During Devotions

Boom, boom!

Squeak, squeak!

Clang, clang!

The noise from downstairs filled my bedroom as I sat down to start my devotions. Though I got back up to shut my door, it didn’t make my room much quieter.

How am I supposed to concentrate on Your Word with all this racket? I thought impatiently. I can’t pray with all these distractions, God. The noise is too loud for me to think!

If you have younger siblings, pets, or simply a noisy home, you can probably relate to my experience. Perhaps you live in a cramped dorm room where your roommate is always blaring her music, or you have a new baby brother who cries constantly, or you live in a busy city where the traffic outside your room is insanely loud.

I get it. It can be hard to have our quiet times with God while we’re in a noisy atmosphere. But we can’t always escape from the noise, and we shouldn’t ignore those around us. Though I often become impatient with others when I can’t focus on my devotions, I should instead learn to manage the distractions and still prioritize others.

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