What Disappointment Taught Me About Dreaming Big

I felt a twinge of jealousy crawling up my spine as I stared at the words on my computer screen. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. A friend of mine had just received her very first book contract.

My heart immediately sank inside my chest.

I wanted to be happy for her. I wanted to be excited. However, I was anything but excited. I was jealous, frustrated, and angry.

Her accomplishment was incredible, but I just felt envious. Why hadn’t I received a book contract?

I was trying to be faithful in the “little things.” I blogged consistently, wrote articles for various websites, and asked for help with editing. I prayed for wisdom about my writing and for success in getting published. I was slowly expanding my platform as a writer.

I just couldn’t figure out what I was missing. Was I not doing enough? Was it simply not the right time for me to be a published author? Would it ever be the right time? How many articles and blog posts did I have to write until it was the right time?

And then I began to realize the truth of the matter.


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