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Today (well, technically, December 16th) is a very special day because it marks the three-year anniversary of Tizzie’s Tidbits! I’ve been writing posts on this blog for three years. Three years, 155 posts, and multiple re-designs later, I admit that I’ve made a lot of mistakes–but I’ve also learned so much about writing, blogging, and platforming.

So much has changed since December 16, 2015 (on this blog and in my life)! God has done amazing things for this blog and has provided so many writing opportunities for me. As I have discussed in the past, it is my dream to become a published author. That dream seems very far away sometimes, but God’s plan–whether it includes publication or not–is always better than mine.

It would’ve been impossible to start and maintain Tizzie’s Tidbits without the help of some very special people. First, I want to thank my parents for encouraging me to start Tizzie’s Tidbits and for reading every single post I’ve written (no matter how awkward and error-filled)! I also want to thank my sisters for following my blog and providing feedback on my posts. Finally, I want to thank all of you–my readers. If I didn’t have readers, I wouldn’t want to write the Tidbits. I hope every Tidbit encourages you in some way, whether it inspires you to keep trusting God in difficult times or befriend someone who needs a companion or study the Word more often.

To celebrate this three-year blogiversary, I’m giving away three copies of an exclusive e-book called Trust: Truths for Times of Timidity. This is a seven-day devotional that will guide you in understanding wise truths from the Bible and making wise decisions when your life feels uncertain. 

Here are the guidelines for the giveaway:

  1. Follow Tizzie’s Tidbits either as a WordPress follower or as an email follower. If you follow as a WordPress follower, you’ll need to leave a comment on this post that includes your email address so I can easily send your prize!
  2. In order to be eligible for this prize, you must follow Tizzie’s Tidbits by December 24, 2018.
  3. If you are the 273rd, 274th, or 275th follower, you will receive a copy of Trust: Truths for Times of Timidity! (If Tizzie’s Tidbits doesn’t reach 273 followers by December 24, 2018, this e-book may be offered in a future giveaway.)
  4. I will email this e-book as a PDF file by December 31, 2018.

As always, please continue reading Tizzie’s Tidbits and sharing it with others! Keep liking, commenting, and spreading the word about Tizzie’s Tidbits! Thank you for your prayers and support on this three-year journey. 

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