Why I Don’t Like Finding You or Finley Sinclair

Last week, I watched a movie called Finding You, which is actually based on a fiction book called There You’ll Find Me by Jenny Jones. I had only read snippets of the book, but the front cover told me everything that I needed to know. (If you look it up, you’ll know exactly what I mean.)

While I appreciate the fact that Finding You didn’t have any sex scenes, I was disappointed by how unrealistic the plotline was. Main character Finley Sinclair had an unbelievably happy ending to her story. After all, what average American student actually studies abroad in Ireland, meets a handsome single actor who is smitten with her, and ends up earning a spot in the Manhattan Conservatory of Music? None that I know.

If I Was Finley Sinclair

If I was Finley Sinclair, I never would’ve spent a semester abroad in Ireland if I failed my prestigious violin audition. I would’ve stewed in my disappointment instead.

I never would’ve ended up sitting next to an attractive actor named Beckett Rush on my flight to Ireland. I would’ve sat next to my single friends in a booth at Panera Bread instead.

I never would’ve ended up staying in the same bed and breakfast as Beckett. I would’ve stayed in my bedroom as I over-practiced the violin instead.

I never would’ve captured the heart and soul of Beckett. I would’ve captured the hearts and souls of -3 guys instead.

I never would’ve ended up taking violin lessons from a very talented fiddler named Seamus. I would’ve taken violin lessons from a very cheesy YouTube channel called Violin Tipz.

I never would’ve ended up obtaining a spot in the Manhattan Conservatory of Music after my second violin audition. I would’ve failed to obtain a spot in the Manhattan Conservatory of Music after my second violin audition instead…and stewed in my disappointment again.

I Can’t Be Finley Sinclair

Almost everything about Finley’s life seemed to fall into place exactly the way she wanted it to. She got to travel to Ireland, date a popular actor, make new friends, and join a prestigious music program. She ended up getting everything that she wanted.

Though movies like Finding You sometimes have positive messages, they also have a negative impact on viewers. You may begin to question why you can’t study abroad in Ireland, why a handsome actor—or a handsome anybody—hasn’t fallen in love with you, or why your musical skills aren’t as praised as Finley’s. The positive messages of Finding You are quickly swallowed up by its negative impact. Comparison wins this time.

In real life, traveling to another country is often time-consuming, expensive, and dangerous. Falling in love is often rare, shallow, and overrated. Getting into a prestigious music school is often costly, impractical, and unusual. You have to notice the difference between what Hollywood tells you reality should look like and what reality actually looks like.

The discerning sets his face toward wisdom, but the eyes of a fool are on the ends of the earth. (Proverbs 17:24 ESV)

Honestly, Finley is just a movie character. Don’t expect your life to look like hers because her life is completely fictitious. Hollywood knows how to raise your expectations, melt your heart, and cloud your vision. So follow Solomon’s advice by setting your face toward wisdom instead of the ends of the earth.

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