5 Things that Recent College Grads Want You to Know

College was a crazy season of life, and I can’t believe that it’s over now. Even though I won’t miss the research papers or exams or presentations, I’ll definitely miss the feeling of community. As a recent grad, I feel like there are so many things that I could tell you about college—not because I know it all but because I made so many mistakes during college that I don’t want you to make!

I asked some of my recently graduated friends to share their thoughts as recent college grads, and these are the things that they wanted you to know:

Make Time for Memories

“Your senior year of college might not feel as monumental as your senior year of high school—at least it didn’t for me. And that’s okay! My senior year of college really flew by, especially the second semester. My advice to any college senior would be to take time to have fun with your friends, even the friends whom you might not know very well. Taking a little bit of time to make fun memories with people is something you definitely won’t regret.” -Allison

Be Willing to Do Unexpected Things

“Something that I want younger people to know before entering college is that it’s okay to not go to your dream college or get into a top school. Any college where God provides is a blessing and may even be better than you thought it could be. I would also tell them that it’s common to get a job after college that’s unrelated to their major, and that’s okay, too!” -Chloe

Follow God Wherever He Takes You

“God has a plan for you and your future. It may look different from your original plans, but be willing to honor Him. The ways He provides will amaze you.” -Laura

Remember that this Season Matters

“College is an incredible experience—one to enjoy and learn from, with dear friendships and memories that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. Remember that even though the days may go by slowly, the years really do fly by. Take time to invest in the people around you and allow them to invest in you as well. Cherish the small moments, as well as the big celebrations, and be encouraged that you are making a difference in others’ lives even while you’re a student!” -Olivia

Figure out the Right Balance

“Being an introvert, the biggest thing for me is realizing that I have to know myself and know what boundaries I need to set. If you enjoy being around people, you could be around them constantly, so learning to say no to social functions is important. On the flip side, if you’re a workaholic and feel the need to constantly do homework, remember that people and relationships are also a necessary part of college. Both sides have their ups and downs, and I encourage people to find a healthy balance between the two.” -Sarah

Closing Thoughts

Whatever you do in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father. (Colossians 3:17 NASB)

I think everything that Allison, Chloe, Laura, Olivia, and Sarah shared can be summed up with this Bible verse. Whether you’re studying in the library, eating dinner in the cafeteria with friends, sitting in an eternally long class, attending an on-campus Bible study, or cleaning your dorm room, do it for Jesus. Do it in a way that honors Him.  

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