25-Day Coronavirus Card Challenge

Isolation can lead to discouragement and depression, especially for extroverts (but even for introverts like me). Because video chatting just isn’t the same as seeing someone in person. And virtual hugs aren’t nearly as great as physical hugs. So what can we do? We can write cards.

How to Respond When You’re Rejected (Again)

I couldn’t believe Reagan got up and left her seat beside me to sit with other people. Why had she rejected me again? Or, I could be asking myself when I will put the past behind me and forgive Reagan…because maybe I never really forgave her for rejecting me the first time.

How to Respond When You’re Rejected

I noticed her face somewhere in the sea of people, but I couldn’t tell where she had gone. All I knew was that she wasn’t sitting with me. And that hurt. How could she have ignored my offer? Why did she reject my invitation?

The Truth about Our Smartphone Addiction

I stared at the group of college students across the cafeteria as they ate dinner together. At the full table, I couldn't help but observe how many eyes were glued to phone screens. The scene was saddening but not unusual in our society. When did eating a meal together stop revolving around rich laughter, deep conversation, and friendly encouragement?

We’re All Losers–But That’s a Good Thing

Even though losses can be temporary and mean little in the long-run, they are still disappointing to experience. But there is something beautiful about losing that we could never experience if we always won. The beauty of losing is that we know how others feel when they lose. We can empathize, reassure, and strengthen those who have lost because we know exactly how they feel.

Finding My Heart of Compassion

All I saw were the tattered clothes, crooked teeth, and unkempt hair.
All I heard were the murmurs, nervous laughter, and brisk replies.
All I felt was the discomfort, awkwardness, and potential danger.
Last month, I served for the first time ever at a food pantry. I’d once helped with the behind-the-scenes work at a food pantry, but I’d never been there while people actually got their food. In short, my experience was different than I’d expected.

Getting Outside of Ourselves, Revised

I prayed a very simple prayer yesterday morning: “God, help me be friendly to someone who is lonely.” I know God gives us opportunities to give Him glory…but, usually, we make a mess of those situations. This situation was no exception. It was almost 5:00, and I thought about how I hadn’t been friendly all... Continue Reading →

Comforting Others like God Comforts Us

Today, I am guest-posting on my friend Aleigha's blog The Pen of the Writer. She has allowed me to share about comforting others in their pain, just as God comforts us in our pain.  I’m realizing now more than ever how much heartache people endure. Lately, I’ve discovered that the people around me are constantly hurting.... Continue Reading →

How to Serve with Your Smartphone

With earnest and thoughtful eyes, the young woman began her story. I could hear the pure earnestness in her tone as she shared. But none of the girls around her seemed to be listening to her tale of infatuation, betrayal, and heartbreak. They were too busy. Looking at their phones. (And apparently their eyes had... Continue Reading →

My Life as Ebeneezer Scrooge, Part 2

There’s a secret about being stingy that I don’t want to share. Why? Because it makes me feel like a wimpy Christian. Simply put, a lack of generosity shows a lack of trust in God’s provision. There. I said it. The secret’s out. I am stingy because I don’t fully rely on God to provide... Continue Reading →

My Life as Ebeneezer Scrooge, Part 1

At some point on this blog, I’m probably going to write about every single one of my character flaws and discuss how I should be better. Today, I must admit that I’m a stingy old man. But I need to be better. My only recreational expenses are my weekly pack of Trident gum and an... Continue Reading →

Love is in the Care, Part 2

So what does true love look like in real life? Start by asking yourself these tough questions to discover what it isn’t: If you always make your boyfriend take you to the mall but never watch football with him, do you really love him? If you never wake up early on Saturday morning to attend... Continue Reading →

Love is in the Care, Part 1

I’ve been thinking about love lately. God has put this topic on my heart, and I’ve specifically been burdened with this statement: Love without sacrifice isn’t real love. Sacrificial love demonstrates genuine care and affection for someone. Saying “I love you” doesn’t make it true. Giving someone a hug doesn’t require sacrifice (most likely). Smiling... Continue Reading →

From Green to Grateful

She seemed to have it all. You know what I mean. She (I'll call her Raegan) was obviously gifted. She could play music by ear and sing like a professional. Her hair was wavy and golden, her smile was contagious, and her laugh was obnoxiously perfect. For a time, Raegan and I were friends. But... Continue Reading →

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