Movie Review: Breakthrough

The message of this movie is clear: don’t give up hope and trust God’s plan. Even when tragedy hits. Even when the future is uncertain. Even when we don’t understand what He is doing. The power of prayer and surrender is a crucial aspect of this movie.

Movie Review: Unbroken: Path to Redemption

Louis saw God as the source of his suffering in the prison camps and wanted nothing to do with Him. When the PTSD became too difficult to handle, he drank alcohol. But it led him to his downfall. He was only able to see his circumstances clearly when he turned to Christ and trusted Him for salvation. He realized that God did not cause his pain but allowed it so that Louis could come to know Him.

Movie Review: The Case for Christ

Overall, the movie used believable actors and actresses. The story was fairly interesting. Though it wasn't as dramatic as some Christian movies, like Courageous, the general story and theme were compelling; and much of the information Lee Strobel discovered was new to me and may be new to you as well.

Movie Review: Priceless

Priceless was a dramatic and entertaining rescue-turned-romance. The skillful acting, interesting story-line, and believable characters definitely made this worth seeing. Though tear-jerking at times, this film portrayed a story about two girls who were sold into sex trafficking, a topic which is never discussed (but should be!). The Smallbone brothers, of the Christian band For King and Country, tackled it well.

Movie Review: Miracles from Heaven

The actors and actresses were great, the story was incredible, and the message was full of hope. I specifically want to mention its message that we can all make a difference. At the end of the movie, it showed how certain people who showed up in the young girl’s life impacted her and helped her along her journey. This ill girl’s impact in another patient’s life at the hospital was incredible. We can all make a difference. The little things matter.

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