Setting Your Mind on the Savior

Sure, we can accomplish tasks without God. People around the world build skyscrapers, find cures for diseases, and win battles against foes. They've done things that seemed impossible. After all, every sports movie has an underdog story. But only God gave them the strength to do those things.

Setting Myself up for Failure

Yesterday, I was sitting in my church pew, waiting for the service to start. I had the perfect opportunity to go say hi to a new girl at my church who recently became a Christian. My thought process went something like this: “What will I say to her? I have nothing important to talk about. I really don’t feel like walking two rows up to say hi to her. Ugh.” So I made things complicated for myself. I made a deal with God.

How to Clean a Messy Room

Your messy room can be cleaned up over time, but it won’t stay clean. It will get dirty. Realize this fact now before you get yourself all in a tizzy. Simply try to be holy. Try to be obedient. You won’t get it right every time.

Just Doing It

Get rid of the trash in your life that’s toppling over and spilling out and hurting your relationship with God. It’s not complicated. It’s very simple.

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