Confessions from a “Bad” Bible Girl

Though we often try to follow the example of “good” Bible characters, such as Joseph, Daniel, and Paul, we must first and foremost follow Christ’s example. Even “good” Bible characters sinned against God...and so do we.

You Are Enough

It was the week after I’d taken a very challenging history exam. I waited impatiently for my professor to grade my test, and he finally did. After a torturous period of waiting, I discovered my grade. And I instantly felt disgusted, dissatisfied, and disappointed. You see, after studying for ten hours with the hope of... Continue Reading →

Is Our Work Good Enough for God?-A Guest Post

Welcome, friend! I hope you are having a terrific week so far! Today, I am featuring a guest post by Aleigha Israel, who is a novel writer and a blogger at The Pen of the Writer. Her thought-provoking post is an encouragement to all of us to remember who we should be ultimately be serving... Continue Reading →

Living Most Abundantly

“Christianity isn’t about following a list of rules. It’s about having an abundant life.” This statement is passed around in the church a lot, and it is a loaded statement. LOADED. I have so much to say about it. It is a truth and a lie mixed together. You see, as a Christian, you can... Continue Reading →

Twelve Percent

The ad said: "Now with 12% more cereal than our previous 16.25 ounce cereal.” Wow, I immediately thought. I'm definitely going to buy this cereal because I see that it has 12% more cereal now! (Note the sarcasm, folks.) It’s hard not to laugh out loud at this, isn’t it? The box of cereal literally stated... Continue Reading →

Living Once and Forever

“Live with no regrets.” “You only live once.” “Live life to the fullest.” We are bombarded with these “eat, drink, and be merry because tomorrow we die” messages each and every day. Songs, TV shows, and advertisements include live-life-like-crazy messages. I like happy, care-free messages. But the YOLO, “life is good” messages can get really... Continue Reading →

Victory in Jesus

I am not as athletic as I would like to be. I cannot throw a ball to save my life. If I throw it with all my might, I can’t even make it fly halfway across our church gym (though everyone else seems to have that superhuman strength…which I guess isn’t as superhuman as I’d... Continue Reading →

Glimmering Snow

I apologize that it's been a week since I've posted. I am awful. (And also unsure if I'm being sarcastic.) This post will be short but sweet... It might not have snowed yet this winter wherever you are, but you've probably seen snow before. So far this winter, we've gotten 5 minutes of flurries, which... Continue Reading →

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