Why Jesus is More Than the Light at the End of the Tunnel

The world says there is light at the end of the tunnel. It promises that happiness will come. It tries to offer help by saying, “Everything is going to be okay.” But how does the world know that? It cannot guarantee such a declaration. It has no idea what lies ahead for us. How dare it try to offer us such hopeless hope in our pain. However, Christianity is different. It says, “Everything is going to be okay” and can promise a bright future. Maybe that future won’t come today or tomorrow, but hope is indeed in our future.

How We Can Overcome Our Hardest Struggles

When we fall into sinful habits, we usually respond in a number of negative ways: We become irritated and impatient, demanding that God remove temptations. We try to find ways to cope with it, stress-eating or overdosing on medication or isolating ourselves. We constantly worry about the situation, wondering if God is there and if He will even help us. The problem here is that we’re so quick to forget that God isn’t like us. He is so much greater and so much stronger than we are.

Is Social Media Lying to Us?

We have lost our honesty and authenticity because many of the things we post on social media are based on a lie. They only reveal a tiny part of who we are. In fact, social media mainly reveals who we wish we were.

Wishing Our Woes Away

His grace is enough. His power lives in us when we boast of our weaknesses. We can be satisfied living with struggles because He makes us strong when we are weak. Knowing this won’t make your troubles go away. It won’t make the stress of a math test or an irritating co-worker vanish into thin air. It won’t remove the pain from a health problem or from losing a loved one. But without this truth, we are hopeless.

Unbaked Cookie Dough

I think most people feel like an unbaked bowl of cookie dough for the majority of their lives. We feel like an unbaked bowl of dough, or a blank canvas, or an unfinished math problem. And, for most of our lives, we constantly ask when the dough will be baked, the canvas will be painted, or the problem will be solved. We waste our whole lives trying to figure it out. And, as we try to figure it out, wrestling with questions and doubts and concerns, the cookies are being baked in the oven, the canvas is being painted, and the math problem is being solved—and we don’t even realize it.

Why It Is What It Is

He began a good work in you, and He isn’t a quitter. He’s not going to stop working in you now, friend. Your situation is happening for a reason, and that may be the only thing you can know until we go to heaven. So try to hang in there, persevere through the darkest days, and always have hope in our Almighty God.

The Glimmer

Having faith is one of the most difficult things a believer can do, even though it seems like an easy task. After all, it’s simply believing what God says and trusting His plans instead of our own. Even when your agenda seems to make more sense. Even when your plans seem to have more order. Even when your thoughts seem better and “righter” than His.

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