If This Christmas Isn’t What You Expected

So. Christmas isn’t what you expected this year. Instead of feeling happy, you feel unexpectedly upset. You’re not the only one who is facing a challenge this Christmas.

The Real Reason I Don’t Like Christmas

As a young adult, Christmas isn’t the same. Entering the Christmas season means I’ll be forced to face all of the difficult things that I don’t want to face. Who knew Christmas could be so ugly? Why have I—and perhaps we—transformed a wonderful holiday into a dreadful time of year?

Merry Christmas!

Today is such an exciting day because it is the day when Christ was born over 2,000 years ago. God sent Him to the earth to be born, live a sinless life, die on the cross, and rise again to pay for all our sins. When we choose to accept His offer of salvation by trusting in His death, resurrection, and complete payment for our sins, we belong to Him.

If You’ve Lost Your Christmas Spirit

It’s not sinful for you to feel un-Christmassy. It’s okay if you believe you’ve lost your Christmas spirit. You can’t force yourself to feel a certain way, but you can force yourself to focus on the truth about Christmas. And if you’ve lost your Christmas spirit, maybe you’ve been looking for it in the wrong place

The 3 Greatest Fears about Christmas

It really doesn’t make sense that we worry about Christmas. After all, the angel told Joseph, Mary, and the shepherds not to be afraid (Matthew 1:20; Luke 1:30, Luke 2:10). Christmas only becomes fear-full when we begin to focus on ourselves and what we can get out of it. Can you relate to any of the 3 greatest fears we have about Christmas?

What To Do on the Day After Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas, and everything is the same as it was before Christmas. The Christmas parties, presents, and performances didn’t change anything. The whirlwind of Christmas activities and preparations didn’t make our problems disappear. It didn’t even make them better. It just made us forget our issues for a few weeks while we got lost in Christmas busyness.
But wasn’t the magic of Christmas supposed to fix everything?

Christmas Carol Medley

Away in the manger no crib for a bed The little Lord Jesus lay down His sweet head But will He always follow The words that He said?   The first noel The angels did say Was to certain poor shepherds In fields as they lay But will He certain me In the place where... Continue Reading →

Wonder for the World

It seems like every possible aspect of Christmas has been discussed in books, sermons, and music. It feels like musicians, pastors, teachers, speakers, and authors have viewed every single angle of this special day. Is there anything left to say about Christmas? You may despise my bluntness, but to be honest, I’m tired of hearing... Continue Reading →


The lights are up, the tree is decorated, and the cookie baking has begun. Christmas is here. But times have changed since I was eight and groaned at the clothes I received. The top thing on my Christmas list this year was clothes. How dull...and yet amazing. Our mindset is sure to change about Christmas... Continue Reading →

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