Learning to Be Present in the Here and Now

I definitely don’t have a problem with being hopeful for the future. Rather, I have a problem with being patient in the present. But the present is where we are.

2 Big Lies We Believe about Our Schedules

In our constantly hurrying culture, we rush from one activity to the next—but we don’t often think about how God wants us to spend our time. Perhaps this is because we believe the two major lies about our schedules.

Beating the Summer Boredom Blues

I have no idea what you should do this summer to avoid boredom, but I do know that you should use your summer well. There are countless opportunities for you to grow as a Christian this summer, but only you can choose to pursue them.

Re-Aligning Our Priorities to Pursue Godliness

Sigh. Yet again, I had to rush through my quiet time to get ready for class this morning. I felt a temporary twinge of guilt for cutting this time short. But I did nothing about it. In fact, I did it the next day and the next day and the day after that. Why do... Continue Reading →

Hopeful but Here: How to Make the Most of Wearying Situations

The time has come. It’s finally here! With only a few weeks left until the end of the semester, I’m unable to contain my excitement. I’ve been awaiting the end for so long! I can’t stop thinking about summer plans and a homework-free life. (What even is that?)   But first, I have to survive—and... Continue Reading →

Better than Boredom

Yesterday, I felt like a useless sack of potatoes. Let’s just say that the dog days of summer have begun…and it’s only May 9th. I’m definitely happy to be done with school. I’m excited for the sunshine, my family’s beach vacation, time with friends, and my graduation ceremony. I’ll eventually be busy with my friend’s... Continue Reading →

Time Management Trouble

It's confession time again. Last week, I spent six hours on a question-and-answer assignment that should have taken two; and I spent six hours working on an essay outline that also should have taken two. What a time-waster I am. And you know what? We waste time all the time—and we hate ourselves for it.... Continue Reading →

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