Beating the Summer Boredom Blues

I have no idea what you should do this summer to avoid boredom, but I do know that you should use your summer well. There are countless opportunities for you to grow as a Christian this summer, but only you can choose to pursue them.

Who You Might Be Neglecting at Church

She was a humble servant. Every week, she sat at the church piano and played beautiful music as the congregation sang along. She didn’t demand attention or praise, but without her, it would’ve been difficult to worship during services. For weeks, months, and years, she served faithfully. But I don’t know if she was thanked... Continue Reading →

The Truth about Our Smartphone Addiction

I stared at the group of college students across the cafeteria as they ate dinner together. At the full table, I couldn't help but observe how many eyes were glued to phone screens. The scene was saddening but not unusual in our society. When did eating a meal together stop revolving around rich laughter, deep conversation, and friendly encouragement?

Finding My Heart of Compassion

All I saw were the tattered clothes, crooked teeth, and unkempt hair.
All I heard were the murmurs, nervous laughter, and brisk replies.
All I felt was the discomfort, awkwardness, and potential danger.
Last month, I served for the first time ever at a food pantry. I’d once helped with the behind-the-scenes work at a food pantry, but I’d never been there while people actually got their food. In short, my experience was different than I’d expected.

Is Our Work Good Enough for God?-A Guest Post

Welcome, friend! I hope you are having a terrific week so far! Today, I am featuring a guest post by Aleigha Israel, who is a novel writer and a blogger at The Pen of the Writer. Her thought-provoking post is an encouragement to all of us to remember who we should be ultimately be serving... Continue Reading →

How to Serve with Your Smartphone

With earnest and thoughtful eyes, the young woman began her story. I could hear the pure earnestness in her tone as she shared. But none of the girls around her seemed to be listening to her tale of infatuation, betrayal, and heartbreak. They were too busy. Looking at their phones. (And apparently their eyes had... Continue Reading →

Five Ways to Have the Best VBS Ever

It’s officially summer, which means vacation Bible school for many churches (which usually means a lot of moaning, groaning, and whining from all the leaders involved). But VBS doesn’t have to be frustrating, cheesy, or challenging. By following these easy suggestions, you can make vacation Bible school go a lot smoother: If possible, help with... Continue Reading →

10 Super Practical Things You Can Do Today to Serve in Your Home

Refill the soap dispensers Refill the toilet paper Take out the garbage Run the washing machine and dryer Load the dishes in the dishwasher and run it Wipe the counters Help cook dinner Change your bed sheets Vacuum the hallway Mop the bathroom floors Sometimes I wait until the soap dispenser has been empty for... Continue Reading →

10 Super Practical Things You Can Do This Week to Show Christ’s Love

  Smile 🙂 Thank someone (a cashier, waitress, sibling, friend, co-worker, etc.) Perform a random act of kindness (wash the dishes for your mom, buy a piece of candy for your little brother, bake cookies for your neighbor, etc.) Write an encouraging letter or email to a missionary Pray for someone in need Praise or... Continue Reading →

Outside of Your Own Little World

I am realizing more and more that people don’t always fit into certain categories. I can’t squeeze someone into a box with someone else. Personalities and talents and characteristics vary greatly in people. Even though my sisters and I come from the same two parents, we have very different tastes and opinions about a lot... Continue Reading →

Burnt-Out Blues

In my last post, I talked about serving, and I touched on the topic of being burnt out. What is this syndrome that many Christians seem to have? It’s when you help with every service, Bible study, club, group, and church event and become so tired of helping all the time that you stop helping... Continue Reading →

Weary and Wondering

Why am I the only one doing this? Why are those kids playing games while I’m working? Doesn’t anyone realize what I’m doing? Has everyone suddenly become unable to move? These are the thoughts that commonly cross my mind as I serve in the church. And I hope I’m not the only one. To be... Continue Reading →

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