The Fight Worth Winning

There’s only one race worth running here on earth. There’s only one battle worth fighting and one crown worth winning. It’s so much better to have God place a real crown of gold on your head than to have the world crown you with a hundred made of fool’s gold.

Living Most Abundantly

There are commands in the Bible. Trying to wish them away won’t make them disappear. But don’t let the commands scare you or discourage you. You’ll never ever ever be able to follow them all, but you can be the Christian who tries to live in obedience to them.

Preventing the Burn

We put ourselves out in the sun and don’t use sunscreen. We lie down on the pavement on a hot summer day and hope we won’t get burned. In other words, we put ourselves in compromising situations and expect that we won’t fail.

How to Clean a Messy Room

Your messy room can be cleaned up over time, but it won’t stay clean. It will get dirty. Realize this fact now before you get yourself all in a tizzy. Simply try to be holy. Try to be obedient. You won’t get it right every time.

Getting Outside of Ourselves

I'm not nearly as friendly or kind or loving as I should be. I need to step out and stop thinking about myself for more than 30 seconds each day. Because someone out there is hurting, and someone out there is thinking about committing suicide or inflicting pain upon themselves.

Just Doing It

Get rid of the trash in your life that’s toppling over and spilling out and hurting your relationship with God. It’s not complicated. It’s very simple.

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