Just Doing It


The trash is full.


Wasn’t it just emptied five hours ago?

How does that stupid trash can get so full again and again? Is it because I haven’t learned the proper art of stuffing trash into a full can? I let the trash get so full that it topples over onto the floor and makes a mess I have to clean up. Then I have to clean up a mess and empty the trash.

Trash just keeps popping out and spilling over.

While this is a small, silly example of a time where laziness creeps in, I think it’s applicable to every aspect of our lives. It seems everyone has trouble with just doing it.

You know Nike’s motto “Just do it.” Like, just get fit. (Just wear our clothes so we can get richer.) Just put down those Oreos and run a marathon (even though it is SO not that easy). With one little move, that dreaded task can be done. That horrible assignment can be forgotten if we just do it.

What’s holding us back? Is it fear of hard work? Or just fear?

For emptying the trash, it’s just hard work. I like my tush glued to a seat. How un-fun it is to do work.

But sometimes it’s simple fear.

Why don’t you just talk to the new girl who’s eating all by herself? Fear. Fear of rejection perhaps.

Why don’t you just give the cashier that tract? Fear. Fear of ridicule maybe.

Why don’t you just let go of that grudge you’ve held onto for so long? Fear. Fear of the love that could spring up in the grudge’s place.

Why don’t you just throw away that dress that you’ve naively pretended isn’t too short?

Fear. Fear of the attention that will be lost from those cute guys at school who need to keep their hands to themselves and those cheerleaders in your class who would wear a bikini to school if they could get away with it.

Just do it. These are not confusing problems or situations. These are simple. Be thankful for them. Life’s gonna get more complicated.

Instead of the “I’m finally going to be a vegetarian” or “I’m going to spend less money on M&Ms” resolutions that everyone is tired of hearing about, how about you start with an easy “just do it” resolution for 2016.

Here are some examples:

“I’m going to be respectful to my parents.”

“I’m going to listen to my friends when they talk to me.”

“I’m going to stop listening to Katy Perry’s music.”

“I’m going to read the Bible once a day.”

“I’m going to stop criticizing myself.”

“I’m going to stop yelling at my little brother.”

“I’m going to break up with my boyfriend who’s not a Christian.”

Get rid of the trash in your life that’s toppling over and spilling out and hurting your relationship with God.

It’s not complicated. It’s very simple.

Just do it.

If we live by the Spirit, let’s follow the Spirit as well. (Galatians 5:25 NASB)

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