Movie Review: Priceless

I’m sure you thought I was never going to write another movie review again. However, I haven’t forgotten about these reviews. Unfortunately, there haven’t been many good movies in theaters lately, but hopefully, there will be soon. 🙂

Here’s my take on a movie currently in theaters called Priceless.

Tizzie’s Take: Priceless was a dramatic and entertaining rescue-turned-romance. The skillful acting, interesting story-line, and believable characters definitely made this worth seeing. Though tear-jerking at times, this film portrayed a story about two girls who were sold into sex trafficking, a topic which is never discussed (but should be!). The Smallbone brothers, of the Christian band For King and Country, tackled it well.

Summary: The main character, James, has had a rough life and doesn’t think God loves him because of all the hard times he’s had. His wife died tragically, his young daughter was forced to live with his mother because of poor decisions he made, and now he is working as a truck driver out of desperation. However, his cargo isn’t boxes of food or furniture or clothes—it’s two young women who were sent to America by their father to work for a sex trafficker. They have no idea what “job” they’re getting into, but life in the back of a truck has been difficult and draining. When James discovers them and realizes what is going on, he is unsure how to fix the problem and help the girls. He teams up with a motel owner in the town where the woman and her sister were sold and tries to find them. Meanwhile, he tries to still be a good father to his daughter, though there is great distance between them. In the end, he has the opportunity to rescue both of them; and the sex trafficker and his partner get busted by the police. James returns to his daughter, marries the woman he saved, and opens a place of refuge for former sex trafficking victims.

Message: Although the salvation message is not clearly given, James does realize that God loves him; and because of that love, he has hope. It emphasizes your great worth (hence the title, Priceless). It also shows that sex trafficking is real, and it is happening today. James’ example of persistence and sacrificial love is an example of Christ’s persistent love for us.

Thumbs up, For King and Country. Looking forward to your next film.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. (2 Corinthians 3:17 NASB)

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