Sermons of Ourselves

So, this is my second attempt at a poem. I hope you enjoy it and grow from it! Here goes…


We preach ourselves to this world full of pe’ple.

Our accomplishments,



And honors.


We look within, at ourselves and our actions.

Never looking beside,



Or above.


We try to do better

In every sermon.

The better we preach,

The more they will listen.


We must preach better sermons

Than all of the others.

We cannot be av’rage.

We must leave them breathless.


They must ask, “How’d she do that?

And what is her secret?

She’s so amazing?

I wish I could do it!”


They must listen and stare

And be awed by our sermons.

For, after all,

Don’t their thoughts really matter?


But that’s not the case.

They are not truly list’ning.

For they are too busy

Preaching their own sermons.


Only the One who has earned it should preach.

He holds the stars,

The streets,

The seas,

And the future.


Don’t preach of yourself—

Or even of others.

Just boast in the Lord,

And He’ll bless your endeavors.


When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom. (Proverbs 11:2 ESV)

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