The Importance of Prayer


In an instant, she was gone. One of the sweetest girls I’d met at college had suddenly vanished.

I had no idea what happened to her. She didn’t respond to my texts. She didn’t let me know that she’d gotten my package in the mail. She didn’t even tell me that she wasn’t coming back to college for the spring semester.

Something didn’t feel right about the situation. As far as I knew, she had intended to return to college after break. It seemed like she had dropped off the face of the earth. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and wondering where she was.

What if something awful had happened to her? What if someone in her family had died? What if she been in a car accident or gotten sick? What if she had moved away? Where was she, and why didn’t she tell me where she was?

I felt helpless, unsure about what I could do. I wondered if my friend was okay, but I had no way to find her or help her.

To keep reading, please click here to head over to Isabella’s blog Worth it All! Thank you to Isabella for allowing me to guest post on her blog this week! Soon, I’ll be featuring her post on Tizzie’s Tidbits of Truth that also discusses prayer, so be on the lookout for her post! 🙂

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