Longing for Heaven’s Maker

“I just want to go to heaven,” I prayed through tears. “I just want to escape from these horrible feelings. When will this awful pain go away?”

I prayed that prayer a several months ago during one of the hardest nights I’ve ever experienced. I wanted to be freed from the constant lies I heard in my mind and the constant insecurity I felt in my heart.

My desires seemed perfectly acceptable. Nothing is wrong with desiring heaven, right?

However, I realized that I had fallen into a common trap. I was longing for the peace of heaven but not the Maker of heaven.

I didn’t care about worshiping God on His throne. I didn’t care about spending every moment with my Savior. I didn’t even care about reveling in the beauty of heaven’s golden streets and breath-taking splendor.

I just wanted to be forever free from my pain and find eternal rest for my heart.

I appreciate the opportunity to guest post on Amanda Fischer’s blog! Please head over there to keep reading! 🙂

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