Why You’re Looking for Jesus in Your Boyfriend

I’ve had a crush on a guy (I’ll call “Sean”) for over 3 years. It’s bad.

What’s worse is that we’ve only spoken one time. He picked up my grapes in the college cafeteria when I dropped them. I thanked him. End of story.

Somehow, I still have a hard-core crush on Sean. I stare at him from across the cafeteria at meals. I look up his picture in the college directory when I’m feeling lonely. I imagine us having this amazing relationship that would make you crazy jealous.

But it’s all fake. It’s all in my head.

Sean probably doesn’t even know my name. To him, I’m probably just another face in the crowd.

Sean’s never seemed to notice me—even though I’ve noticed him a lot. He’s never really paid attention to me—even though I’ve paid attention to him often. He’s never taken the time to get to know me—even though I’m more than willing to get to know him.

So why do I keep crushing on him?

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