What Young Adults Need to Know from Their Ministry Leaders Right Now

Life has felt like a rollercoaster since the beginning of March. Honestly, I still haven’t fully adjusted to all the changes happening. My emotions have been a mess, and my attitude has been flip-flopping between hopeful and apathetic. The word “disappointment” perfectly describes my life since early March.

With the shock of finding out I wouldn’t be returning to college this semester, I didn’t know how to respond. Of course, I was glad about getting to be home with my family for two extra months of the year. But I knew I’d greatly miss the community I had at college. The only connections I had were through texting and video chatting, which is fine, but it’s not nearly as wonderful as seeing friends in person.

Unfortunately, we’re still riding this crazy rollercoaster of change. Even though businesses and churches are slowly starting to reopen, life may not be “normal” for a while. As different states choose to reopen in different ways and at different times, everything feels very disjointed.

That’s why we as young adults need to hear the truth from our ministry leaders during this time. We can’t change our circumstances, but we can change our perspective. Thankfully, you can help us do that.

There are a few things we would appreciate you telling us.

To find out what they are, check out LifeWay Young Adults!

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