I’m Sorry, Hallmark: Maybe I Misjudged You

Dear Hallmark, when I wrote to you last Valentine’s Day, I wasn’t completely honest about my feelings toward you. It’s true that I didn’t watch many Christmas Hallmark movies for Christmas of 2020. And that’s great. I exposed some of the false expectations that you produce in women, which I feel good about. But I failed to mention that—despite your flaws—your movies have a certain draw to them that I can’t seem to resist.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve dived head-first into the vast pool of your cute little movies with cliché quotes and predictable plotlines. I want the corny stories, the overused actors, and the short-but-sweet kisses. Bring ’em on.

Why the drastic change? Why was I so anti-Halmark? And why have I become so pro-Hallmark?

Call it my increasing age and loneliness. Call it desperation for clean romantic movies in a sea of sex-saturated romance movies. Call it desperation in general.

The False Expectations Are Still False…

Despite my new obsession with you, Hallmark, I still think that you give women five false expectations about romance:

False Expectation #1: I’m definitely going to have dated by the time I start college.

False Expectation #2: I’m definitely going to be married by the time I finish college.

False Expectation #3: At some point during my young adulthood, at least two guys will be pursuing me at the same time.

False Expectation #4: When I meet my future husband, it will be love at first sight.

False Expectation #5: The right guy will be essentially flawless.

…But the Life Advice Is Pretty Decent

But I will give you one compliment, Hallmark. You almost always point out that life—the people and passions we value—is more important than a career—the promotions, the awards, and the applause we aspire to have. Contentment is a beautiful thing, and you often reveal that in your movies. True love—as cheesy as it sounds—is better than a fancy job title.

Am I justifying all those myths you lead women to believe after they watch your movies? Perhaps. Or perhaps I want my lovely readers—especially my lovely female readers—to know that despite the bad reputation you have, your movies aren’t pointless.   

Enjoy life with the wife whom you love all the days of your futile life which He has given you under the sun, all the days of your futility; for this is your reward in life and in your work which you have labored under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 9:9 NASB)

Sincerely, Me

Hallmark, even though we don’t agree on the fact that following your heart is a smart idea or that earning money has no place in the real world, I do think we see eye-to-eye on a few things. And I’m glad about that.

I love that your movies end with a simple kiss instead of a raunchy sex scene. I love that you emphasize people over possessions. And I love that your love stories are a bit cliché but definitely cute.

Friends, I’m not necessarily encouraging you to watch a Hallmark movie this Valentine’s Day. But you can’t go wrong with The 27-Hour Day or Pearl in Paradise. Happy Valentine’s Day! And happy watching!

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