Learning to Accept Our Bodies

This post was featured on Pursue in February, so I apologize for my lateness in posting it here! I truly hope you’ll be able to find some encouragement from this post, especially if you or someone you know struggles with body image issues. You’re not the only one! 🙂

I have a secret.

In my drawer, I have a pair of jeans stashed away. I’ve had these jeans for several years, and honestly, they’re too small for me. I don’t wear them anymore because they’re tight and uncomfortable.

But I keep them because I’m scared to let them go. I don’t want to admit that I need a larger size. I don’t want to admit that I’ve grown out of my clothes.

It’s hard to let go of the clothes we once wore. It’s a tough transition to buy the next size up and even to wear clothes that truly fit us—whether we like the number on the tag or not. We treat our sizes like they are part of our identity.

But talking about sizes can be extremely uncomfortable. Rarely do we discuss who wears a large or a small or a 2X. In fact, the main reason I don’t like shopping with friends is because I don’t want them to know my size.

Learning to accept our bodies is difficult for most females. During our teen years, our bodies will change from being a girl’s body to a woman’s body. Different body parts change shape, like hips and thighs. We grow and develop. It’s a completely natural process. In fact, it’s a God-created process.

We don’t necessarily end up as a larger size because we ate too much junk food, and we don’t necessarily end up at a shorter height because we didn’t eat enough vegetables. God planned our body type, height, hair color, and every other aspect about us from the beginning.

Beauty is about attitude, not size or shape. We don’t have to squeeze into a size zero to be beautiful. (In fact, most women can’t!) We don’t need to wear an extra small to be valuable. Real beauty is accepting our size and our shape.

Of course, acceptance is easier said than done. Here are three things that can help you learn to appreciate your body:

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9 thoughts on “Learning to Accept Our Bodies

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  1. I related to this so much, thank you for encouraging us all with these truths! 😀 How exciting you were featured there! 😀


  2. It’s great that you’re aware of what bothers you so that you can try to find solutions! 🙂 I appreciate your honesty, and I know exactly how you feel. As you said, some clothes are meant to fit tightly and don’t necessarily indicate someone is overweight. Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

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  3. Thank you for sharing this.

    One thing I usually do not struggle with for some reason is the size of clothing. However, a friend of mine does. There was one time where we were in line together at a concert buying band t-shirts. Knowing that they are usually not the best quality and shrink easily, I asked for a large. My friend was literally in shock that I would get such a “big” size. She even tried to talk me out of it, warning me that the t-shirt would be too big and that I was wasting my money. To be honest, I had not really thought about it until she “freaked out”. It was then that I really comprehended the struggle of clothing sizes many girls my age face.

    I do, however, struggle with how clothing feels on me. Oftentimes I will try on a shirt in my size and it will feel tight and I’ll immediately worry about gaining weight. However, it is almost always just the fit of the shirt and has nothing to do with me or even the size on the tag. That is why I love your second tip of taking your mom or sister with you clothes shopping.

    Thanks again for sharing!




  4. I appreciate that, Lissa! Thank you!

    You’re definitely not the only one who struggles with this issue. Most of us don’t like something about our bodies, but even the things we don’t like are wonderful in God’s eyes, according to Psalm 139:14. 🙂

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  5. This is such a good post, it’s really hard to accept our bodies and I have had/ still have my own very difficult journey with weight and acceptance of my body. This was encouraging tho.


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