Why I’m Glad I’m Not Cinderella

The string lights in the trees shone brightly on that warm October evening as I eyed the young couples, twirling around and swaying elegantly on the grass. I felt like a character in a romance novel as I listened to the live band play and observed the guys and girls talking and dancing.

Meanwhile, I stood on the sidewalk beside my sister and a friend. I watched intently. I couldn’t help but ask myself when it would be my turn to dance.

When will someone ask me?

Will a guy ever be brave enough?

I couldn’t help but wonder when a guy would even bother to notice me.

Would I live the rest of my life without male attention? To be honest, I have never had a boyfriend or even been on a date. Guys don’t try to flirt with me or use cheesy pickup lines to get my attention. They rarely talk to me, unless it is for a class project or if they are already in a conversation with my friends.

If my life was a movie, I would definitely have had a boyfriend by now. In fact, I would’ve had one when I was thirteen. We would have dated through high school, and we would be attending the same college. He would be hinting at the idea of marriage, and I would be browsing the Internet constantly for wedding ideas. We would be the happiest couple with the most laughter and the sweetest memories.

And we would live happily ever after.

There would be no loneliness, no waiting, and no doubting myself.

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Image credit: This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BYNC

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