Getting Rid of Our Magic Wand Mentality

Every single day, Satan whispers the same lies to me.

He tells me I’m ugly and I should look a different way. He says everyone looks better than me and I need to follow his agenda to look like them. He convinces me I will always struggle with an eating disorder and I should give up the fight against it.

Though some people can easily fight lies about their body image, I can’t. Because of my history with an eating disorder, these lies feel incredibly real to me. The devil’s tormenting seems too great to bear sometimes. Unfortunately, I’m often quick to believe his lies because I lack the motivation to fight against them. But this leads me to become depressed and frustrated.

Maybe you’ve never had poor body image, but I’m sure you’ve experienced other issues. Maybe you’re experiencing abuse from a family member, poor health, the loss of a loved one, difficult coworkers, constant moves to new places, a friend’s betrayal, or a mental illness.

Do you ever feel like giving up? Honestly, giving up sounds very appealing sometimes. After all, why bother making any effort to dispute Satan’s lies when I keep hearing them? They never seem to go away.

I just wish God would make my struggles disappear. I want Him to pull out a magic wand, point it at me, and cause this problem to vanish into thin air. I know He could do it if He wanted to because He can do absolutely anything (Luke 1:37).

But that doesn’t mean He will. His plan is so much greater than that.

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