The 3 Greatest Fears of Adulthood

In less than three months, I will be a college graduate. I’m not planning to get my master’s degree or my doctorate degree. “School” will become a forgotten word in my vocabulary (hopefully). And I will officially become an adult.

Some soon-to-be-college-grads that I know already have plans for the future. They already have a job lined up, or they’ve already met Mr. Right, or they’ve already chosen to further their education. But I don’t have anything set for my life after April. And that scares me.

Fear #1: I will hate my job after college.

For the past however many months, I’ve had a nagging fear that I’ll despise whatever job I’m able to find after I graduate. Of course, maybe I won’t be able to even find a job. That’s a very real possibility, and it’s super scary. But, if I do find a job, what if it’s the worst job I’ve ever had?

I thought my job at Panera Bread was the worst job ever, but maybe working at _____ company will be worse. Maybe my boss will be a jerk, or maybe my hours will be long, or maybe I will be insanely bored at work (which is a major fear for me).

What if I become the person who lives for 5:00 or the person who lives for Friday? (To be honest, I already do as a college student…) But what about 9:00 A.M. through 4:59 P.M.? What about Monday through Thursday? I feel like most adults, even those who enjoy their jobs, still get excited when they can clock out and when the weekend arrives.

Fear #2: I won’t be able to find a husband after college.

Mmm, I completely understand if you have this fear.  After all, you’re leaving the huge pool of eligible bachelors to enter an unknown pool. Maybe the unknown pool is filled with mean sharks, or maybe it is filled with itty bitty fishes. Either way, you won’t know unless you step in.

Don’t be the girl who practically lives in her cubicle because she’s trying to forget that she’s single. Don’t be the girl who only shows up for the 60-minute worship service on Sunday and rushes to her car afterward to escape from people. Don’t be the girl who spends all her evenings and weekends watching romcoms or videos of cats.

Be the girl who gets involved in work activities, church activities, and community activities. The options are endless for where you’ll meet Prince Charming. But you can’t meet him if you’re always hiding in your ivory tower. Only Rapunzel could get away with that.

Fear #3: I won’t have friends anymore.

This may be my biggest fear about adulthood. (Or maybe they all are…?) As a college student, I’m constantly around people—faculty, staff, and students. God has blessed me with several friends during my four years of college, and I’m happy that He has allowed my path to cross with each of theirs.

However, I think college students often believe they’ll be close with all their college friends forever. And, as I’ve observed from the college grads in my life, I know that’s not true. That truth is hard to swallow, but it’s reality.

It’d be awesome if my college friendships continue once I graduate. Of course, some friendships last for just a season—like your high school years, your college years, or your post-college years. Ask God to provide godly friendships for the post-graduation season of life, whether they’re old friendships or new friendships. Don’t cling so tightly to old friendships that you can’t embrace new friendships.

What I Know

Honestly, I can’t promise you a great job or a great guy or great friends after college. While I do believe that God wants the best for you, I don’t believe that “fun” is the same as “God’s best.” God’s best does include being courageous and trusting His character, no matter what happens after you graduate.

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows. (Matthew 10:29-31 ESV)

Friends, I know this is a fearful time for you. (I’m worried, too!) But we’re in this thing together. And so is He.


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6 thoughts on “The 3 Greatest Fears of Adulthood

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  1. First, CONGRATULATIONS! Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS to all graduates! Thirdly, for all that are in this season of life, with prayer and vigilance, you’ll be right where you need to be, at the right time! God’s plan has already been set. Enjoy the journey, because you’ll find that it’s quick! Job, well done!

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  2. Ahh, graduation! Congrats! I know it will be a little scary as you make that step into adulthood. Not gonna lie, Adulting is hard. The struggle is real but we have Jesus on our side and we can definitely lean on Him for power and strength and courage when things get scary.

    I graduated in 2007. (whoo boy, going on 21 years….(wait is that right? I’m getting so old, LOL)
    As far as friendships go, it really is sad when you lose touch with who you were great friends with. I’ll be praying that your friendships are strong and that you will have them to rely on when things get tough. 🙂

    Everything is all in God’s timing! 🙂 I’ll be praying for you that God will show you the path He wants you to take!


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