God Knows Your Deepest Desires

I want to find a church that I can call “home.” I want to find a group where I can fellowship with other believers who are in my stage of life. I want to feel welcomed and included by other believers.

I want Sean* to fall in love with me. I want Sean to hold my hand, embrace me gently, and ask me to marry him. I want to travel around the world with Sean as my husband.

I want to see my name on the cover of a book. I want to work for a Christian magazine or website. I want to be known as a successful writer.

But as I visit church after church and feel like I don’t quite fit, I sigh. As I notice Sean walk past me without acknowledging me, I sigh. As I struggle to find a job that sounds enjoyable, I sigh. 

I’m just glad that God hears me when I do.

Lord, all my desire is before You; and my sighing is not hidden from You. (Psalm 38:9 NKJV)

God knew everything that David wanted—most likely, redemption, renewal, and revival. He knew the difficulty of David’s situation. The same is true for you. He sees you, He understands you, and He doesn’t blow off your desires.

He Knows Your Spiritual Goals

To call a particular sin a thing of the past.

To lead a small group at your church.

To read your Bible in a year.

To join the worship team.

To grow in your quiet time consistency.

To reach out to someone who’s suffering.

To find a godly mentor.

To be more focused when you worship.

He Knows Your Relationship Goals

To meet new friends in new places.

To find a roommate who understands you.

To open up about your struggle with someone.

To fall in love for the first time.

To meet a man who treasures your heart.

To raise a houseful of children.

To love and be loved by your siblings.

To have a stronger relationship with your parents.

He Knows Your Career Goals

To become a medical doctor.

To join the mission field.

To open your own business.

To create magnificent art.

To become a mom.

To become a famous musician.

To teach kindergarten in a private school.

To plan weddings and parties.

Know Him

I know God never promised that I would marry Sean or that I would become a published author or that I would quickly find a home church. And He never promised that you would accomplish _____ goal or have _____ desire met. Everyone has unmet desires and unfulfilled longings on this earth. We can’t always accomplish everything on our bucket lists.

But that doesn’t mean God’s back is turned away from you. In fact, the opposite is true. Your thoughts, dreams, and ambitions are safe with Him. Let Him come closer, and tell Him your deepest desires. Though He already knows you so well, perhaps you will get to know Him better.


*Name has been changed.

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