“I Want Your Heart” (and 8 Other Things I Want to Tell My Future Husband)

I stared at his tanned arms, his charming smile, and his slicked-back hair as he stood in the college cafeteria line. The moment I heard his contagious laugh, I got goosebumps. I couldn’t help but sigh as he walked past me.

“There he goes,” I thought dejectedly. “He’s probably never going to notice me.”

Though it hurt to be neglected by the young man, I honestly wouldn’t consider entering a relationship with him, even if he was interested in me. Though he was very handsome, smart, and popular (for good reason), he didn’t have the qualities I was looking for in a future spouse. Sure, he was kind and courteous; but he lacked the spiritual maturity and leadership that a husband needs.

I didn’t just want a charming guy to sweep me off my feet. I wanted a man who could bring me closer to Christ. And that kind of spiritual maturity reveals a heart that is satisfied in God.

If I could tell that young man (or any of the young men I’ve been attracted to over the years) what I desire in a future husband, I would say this:

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