You’re Not Crazy for Wanting a Boyfriend

“So timely. It makes so much sense. Sometimes I feel like I’m crazy lol…”

“…I know and agree with everything that was said, but it was good to hear it from someone else at a time when I really want to be held and loved by a guy. It’s nice to know I’m not alone on this journey…” 

“SO GOOD!!!! Thank you! I’ve always struggled with having crushes on guys…”

These are a few of the comments I received on one of my articles that was recently published (Why You’re Looking for Jesus in Your Boyfriend). This article’s main idea was to point girls to Christ’s perfect love instead of a guy’s imperfect affections. While I do believe that only He can satisfy us, which I pointed out in the article, I also believe that most men and women are designed for marriage—and even for the romance, infatuation, and sex that marriage entails.

At the beginning of the article, I shared a story about me desperately wanting to be noticed by a guy who didn’t even know I was alive. Apparently, based on the comments I received, this story resonated with other young women. They could relate to my feelings and longings. 

Some of the comments I received actually broke my heart.

The reason my heart hurt was because it seemed like the commenters could only express their feelings in the comments section under my article. Was that the only “safe” place for them to share how they truly felt about guys and relationships? My story of longing and loneliness was their story, too. 

Did someone teach these young women that it was strange or unspiritual to want a guy’s attention? What sermon, youth group lesson, or Bible study told them that wanting Christ would cause them to never want a boyfriend? What ministry leader, pastor, or teacher said they shouldn’t desire to get married, date, or have sex?

That isn’t right.

In fact, I want to spread the opposite message—that our desire for guys’ attention and love is completely normal. It’s part of our DNA.

Head over to Girl Defined to find out why!

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